M9, MM106 and M27 rootstocks

The rootstock nursery of Fruit tree Nursery Morren contains over 10 hectares of rootstock mothergarden. The main production includes apple rootstocks (Malus), used for propagation of different apple tree varieties. Besides using the rootstocks for our own propagation programm, we deliver the rootstocks to clients worldwide.

The following types of fruit tree rootstocks are produced:

  • Malus M9 rootstocks: weak – moderate vigor. The malus M9 rootstock is a widely used rootstock for high density orchards on fertile grounds.
  • Malus MM106 rootstocks: crossing between M-types with moderate vigor. The MM106 rootstocks is used on average to poor soils. It is also used to grown weaker apple varieties.
  • Malus M27 rootstocks: weak vigor.

Above mentioned rootstocks are available as well rooted 1 year old layers and 2 years old transplants. The gradings are based on quality of the roots, straightness and on thickness of the rootstocks. We have our own standard format, but, it is possible to do gradings to your preference. 

Our rootstocks are virus free, controlled and certified by the NAK Tuinbouw (independent third party organization).

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