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Gala Royal Beaut Proselect®

Gala Royal Beaut Proselect®Long shaped fruits, thin skin and the crunchy flesh are typical elements of the Gala Royal Beaut Proselect®. The Gala Royal Beaut Proselect® is an intense striped good red colouring mutant of the Royal Gala.


Mutant of Mutation of Royal Gala.
Origin The Gala Royal Beaut Proselect® is discovered by Robert Zulch, Wakkerstroom, Ceres, South-Africa.
Growth Moderate, easy to manage.
Blossom About the same time as Golden Delicious. Could be pollinated by Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pinova, Red Delicious, Evereste and Prof. Sprenger. Low susceptible to night frost.
Production Quite early and good.
Picking date From the end of August - beginning of September.
Fruit appearance The apples of Gala Royal Beaut Proselect® are oblong shaped. The fruits are intense striped and totally well red coloured. The skin is thin.
Quality The flesh of the apple is juicy, crispy and solid. Colouring of the flesh is yellow. Sugar content is good.
Storage Till January/February.
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