Gala Mondial MItchgla®

Gala Mondial MItchgla®

The Gala Mitchgla® is a colour mutation from the Gala and is originally from New Zealand. Gala Mitchgla® flowers quite late. Pollen quality is good. Gala Mitchgla® is also known as Gala Mondial Mitchgla.

Gala Mondial MItchgla®
Mutation of Gala.
Discovered by Mr. Mitchell, New Zealand.
Moderate to strong.
The Gala Mitchgla® flowers quite late. The quality of pollen is good; little bit self tolerant.
Early, regularly and good. Very low susceptible to alternate bearing.
Harvest time:
From the last week of September.
Fruit appearance:
The shape of the Gala Mitchgla® is small and round, a little bit conical. The apple colours brightly red (slightly striped) on a yellow background.
The flesh of the apple is yellow-white, juicy and firm. By the absence of acid, the apple has a fairly sweet and even a little faint taste.
In cold storage till December; in CA conditions till March.

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