Do you export rootstocks and fruit trees to Uzbekistan?

Are you located in Uzbekistan? And are you looking for high quality rootstocks or and apple trees to plant in your orchard on your fruit farm? Than you are at the right website. So you might questioning yourself 'do you export rootstocks and fruit trees to Uzbekstan?'. The answer is: yes. We do export our rootstocks, apple trees and pear trees to countries in central Asia, including the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We are a fruit tree nursery based in the Netherlands. We grow high quality fruit trees and rootstocks. The main part of our apple trees are grown on M9 rootstock (learn more? > M9 rootstocks). Our nursery is under supervision of the Dutch authorities. This his how we can provide healthy plant material around the world. 

Before you are going to import fruit trees or rootstocks to Uzbekistan, check the actual rules on import of your home country first. 

Do you want to know more on importing fruit trees to Uzbekistan?

We would like to discuss the possibilities with you in more detail. If you are looking for red Gala apples, green apples like Granny Smith or Golden delicious, please leave a message with your request. To make it more easy, please mention the varieties and the quantities you are looking for. You can leave message on this page by completing the contact form or you can contact us by email. 

Red Prince Wiltons Star knip M9

We provide you with the best rootstocks and fruit trees.

Please contact us for more information on delivery to your home country Uzbekistan.

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