Do you want to import fruit trees and rootstocks to Kazakhstan?


If you are looking for fruit trees or rootstocks AND if you are located in Kazakhstan (officially the Republic of Kazakhstan) then you are visiting the right website. We are a fruit tree nursery based in the Netherlands and we do export to Kazakhstan, the place of birth of the Malus domestica apple. We have already delivered quite an amount of fruit trees, mainly dwarf apple trees on M9 rootstock, to Kazakhstan (mostly Almaty region) in the past few years. We contributed to large scale projects. An important key in these projects is the need for quality plants or (knip) trees, which produce fruits (in our case apples and pears) on a short term.

For example we grow and can export fruit trees as Gala, Golden delicious, Granny Smith, Wiltons Star, Jonagold, etc. Looking for rootstocks only? This we grow too. For example we provide rootstocks as M9, B9, MM106, etc.


Do you want to know more on planting trees, pruning, blossom and blooming? Need to know how to give the trees the best care till fruit harvest? Please do not hesitate to contact us and learn more how we can help you with our plants.

We provide you with the best rootstocks and fruit trees.

Please contact us for more information on delivery to your home country.

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