Do you want to import M9 rootstocks or apple trees to India?

Are you based in India? And would you like to import M9 rootstocks? Or dark red apple trees? We have the plants you are looking for. As fruit tree nursery based in the Netherlands, we grow high quality and healthy rootstocks, apple trees and pear trees. Yearly we get a lot of request from India, especially from the Jammu and Kashmir region. 

For rootstocks we mainly get requests for the M9 apple rootstock. This rootstock is commonly used worldwide to build high density orchards. Another highly requested from India are dark red apple trees on of course a M9 rootstock. For example we grow Gala Dark Ann. This is dark red mutant of Gala and lightly striped. Next to the Gala we get request for Red delicious, but also for different colored apples like Golden delicious or Granny Smith. 

As a conclusion, yes, we do supply high quality rootstocks and apple trees to the Republic of India. So, are you looking for high quality M9 rootstocks or dark red apples trees? Please do not hesitate to contact us and send us your request. We will follow up as soon as possible.

We provide you with the best rootstocks and fruit trees.

Please contact us for more information on delivery to your home country India.

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