About us

Rootstocks and fruit trees from fertile clay

In 1990 Jan Morren started Fruit Tree Nursery Morren (Fruitboomkwekerij Morren VOF) in Flevoland. At the moment the nursery exists of 50 hectares of rootstocks and fruit trees. We grow top quality fruit trees on the fertile clay soils of the IJsselmeer.  Recently part of our company moved to Elburg.   Close to the Flevopolder.

Strategy of our Fruit tree nursery

Our strategy is to produce high quality fruit trees and rootstocks. A high customer satisfaction is what we desire. With your wishes and demands we produce your tailor made tree!

Team Fruit Tree nursery Morren

Within de company Jan and his son Gerco work together with 25 employees. Many of our employees work already for years with us. They have extensive experience and knowledge. Our technical nursery man is responsible for the daily control within the company.


Quality is very important to us. Due to years of experience we are able to deliver a high quality product that meets the high standards of the market. Customers get what they asked for.

High quality and customer oriented

Fruitboomkwekerij Morren VOF
Diepesteeg 1a
8081 PD Elburg
The Netherlands

Tel: 0525-680352
Mob: 06-536 364 60
Fax: 0525-686399

e-mail: info@fruitboomkwekerijmorren.nl
KVK nummer: 08067111