Fuji Kiku® Fubrax

Fuji Kiku® Fubrax

The apples of the Fuji Kiku® Fubrax(s) are evenly shaped. The skin is striped and bright ruby red on the shading side. Usually, the Fuji Kiku® Fubrax are grown on M9 rootstock.

Fuji Kiku® Fubrax
The Fubrax(s) is an improvement of the Fuji Kiku® 8.
By Thomas Braun, Italy. Managed by Kiku GmbH.
The growth is medium to vigorous.
Mid to late season. Granny Smith or Golden delicious can be used as pollinators.
Early and regular, sufficient thinning is advised to avoid biennial bearing.
Harvest time:
From mid-october.
Fruit appearance:
Apples are evenly shaped. The skin is striped and bright ruby on the shade side.
The apples of Fuji Kiku® Fubrax are crispy with a sweet flavor.
Very good. Up to 9 months when stored under ULO conditions.

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